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Coarse Acting.png

By Michael Green

Directed by
Nic Luter and Molly McElhenny

Join us seated on the stage for our in-the-round dinner theatre.

In this evening of coarse one-acts, everything which can go wrong in a production does so.  Cues are missed, effects fail, props are lost, actors never appear, and confusion reigns - but the coarse actors struggle on believing that the audience will never notice.

JANUARY 13 - 16, 2022


Kat Davenport
Alex Dupuy
Tyler Francis
Gavin Gilbert
Shamir Harper
Mary Thomas Hattier
Shawn Katary
Caleb Meurrens
Dannon Olsen
Miller Richardson
Liam Rudewicz
Jefferson Shepherd
Sydney Thornhill
Grayson Tooley
Hope Wachenschwanz

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